Day 1: #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks

As WordPress comes upon it’s 20th birthday on May 27th, their marketing team have come up with an idea to get people writing about WordPress for the 20 days leading upto the big day.

From Blogs to Blocks

From Blogs to Blocks creates intentional moments for the WordPress community to reflect on the journey we’ve gone on so far and to dream of what’s to come.

Each daily action symbolizes the millions of individual actions that have come together to make WordPress what it is today.

From Blogs to Blocks celebrates a range of different interests and skill sets. Each day, from May 7 to May 27, 2023, the WordPress Make Marketing blog will feature five WordPress-related prompts:

  • Blogging: WordPress-related questions or suggestions for a related action that can be expressed through writing, video, audio, or visual/digital art. The key is to post your responses on a WordPress blog or website, showcasing the versatility of WordPress as a platform.
  • Developing: These prompts are for those who want to participate on the technical side of the platform, from testing and pull requests to building blocks. 
  • Designing: With an emphasis on designing and creation, these prompts aim to inspire the creative minds who bring WordPress to life visually.
  • Photography: Aimed at anyone who likes to take pictures, prompts for contributions to the WordPress Photo Directory will bring our worlds together while enriching our community’s visual resources.
  • Community: Actions to support the WordPress community and the project as a whole. These prompts are meant to foster contribution and connection among community members.

All these can be mixed and matched to whatever you want for your focus for each day, or create your own daily action and let your WordPress memories, skills, and passion shine!

Let’s celebrate the past, present, and future of WordPress, and continue empowering each other to build a better web for everyone.

Day 1: Your WordPress Origin Story

My origin story starts just a few years after high school where I got my interest in making websites. After a couple of years making my site (the original version of this site) using the languages of the internet (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) I discovered the wonders of Content Management Systems, or more importantly, WordPress.

At this point in time I was just building for myself. Exploring this wonderful new world I had discovered. Learning how to use the platform and discovering all the different plugins to use and how they changed things on a site or made it easier to manage and keep track of the visits to my site.






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