Day 19 #WP20: One Wish for WordPress

This is such a minor thing, an inconvenience ever, probably a slight annoyance, and even more probably a waste of a good wish by any good developer/designer that has ever worked with WordPress. But there is one thing as a user I try and do all the time from WordPress when I update a post or page, and that’s using the ‘View post’ link that is way down to the bottom left of the screen almost invisible if you didn’t know about it (I know I’ve missed it numerous times before). 

Screen grab of new post screen on WordPress

I know it seems really minor to most users and I know that there is the panel on the right where you can find a link to the post, but something like this would make my day, and everyone else’s, so much easier (not even just moving it but just a new link top right next to the Update button, to view the post once published). 

Screen grab of alternative screen for post visibility

The main reason for this is I edit a lot of posts and pages (that have already been published) and often use -click (right click) on links to open in a new tab to look at them. So my user experience is edit edit edit, click update (top right) – wacky races with the mouse or trackpad to go to bottom left in time to click ‘View post’, and if you don’t make it in time then it’s like 3 clicks to get to the url. The above solution would be inline with the Update button.

Who knows, maybe if enough people mention this the developers working on the next version of WordPress might make it happen.







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