Day 10: #WP20 Upcoming WordPress Project I’m Excited About

This was something interesting to look at. There are all kinds of things the people at WordPress are doing for the upcoming 6.3 release of WordPress. One of those is polishing the site editor.

The Site Editor has come a long way from a handful of templates to edit with a limited set of blocks back in WordPress 5.9 to a full set of template options, an large amount of blocks to design with, and powerful, evolving tools. 

This release brings cohesion and a more complete experience with the addition of content editing to the Site Editor alongside a strong distinction between templates and the content of your site. To support all this, revamped interfaces and pathways provide a natural way to edit and create what you want without having to leave the Site Editor. At the same, the introduction of a command center tool helps you quickly jump to specific pages, templates, or template parts as inspiration strikes you.







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