Day 3: #WP20 Favourite WordPress Block

I would say the one WordPress block that I use that doesn’t have anything to do with writing is, well actually two blocks that do similar things, the Image Block and the Gallery Block.

The Image Block

It’s with the Image Block that you can access the media browser and the library of Openverse, or upload a picture to your website to make it look it’s best.

You can edit the image in all kinds of ways kind-of like you would with an image editor on your computer. You can also add a caption for your image which can include a link to give credit for the image if it was created by someone else.

The Gallery Block

The second block I would use the most other than regular text ones is the Gallery Block.

This block is similar to the Image Block mentioned above, except one key feature. That feature is that instead of adding just one image you can add several images to a gallery.

You can do everything you can in the Image Block with the addition of being able to change the layout of all the images and how they relate to each other on the page you post them.







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