Day 2: #WP20 First Website on WordPress

Yet again I’m taken back to a couple years after graduating high school in 2005. It was around 2010 or so, if memory serves me right, that I first came across WordPress.

This was a whole new world to me as I was used to building from scratch. This new world I discovered made it much easier to do things I wanted to do and even has plugins to further extend the capabilities of it.

Most things you the reader never see as it gets cut in the background before getting published because it doesn’t meet my expectations but it all goes along for the ride of my journey to learn all about WordPress. It’s just me exparimenting with all the features of WordPress so I may be a better designer in the future. Some of those things have made it onto other sites I have created and others may make it to sites I create in the future, as I continue on my journey with WordPress online for the world to see.







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