Disability Media Network A New Streaming Source For Authentic Disability Content

blond wheelchair user sitting in living room with back to camera. She is watching TV with wheelchair user rolling down a sidewalk on the screen.
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DiMe aims to provide a platform for disabled filmmakers and disabled actors to share their stories and distribute their work to show the rest of the disabled community.

“The platform has two purposes — one from a viewer standpoint to allow people to see people who look like them, [and one] from a filmmaker standpoint to give another distribution outlet to their content.”

says Jennifer Price, the founder of DiMe

Price is a non-disabled individual but worked for years as a disability rights attorney. As she spent time with the community, she saw a common theme that kept emerging: the need for more authentic disability representation in the media.

“I had conversations with people in the disability community who would talk about the things they were frustrated with. And one of them that really resonated with me was the media. I can thoroughly appreciate the importance of representation.” 

she says

What To Watch 

Looking forward, Price hopes to include more adaptive sports content soon on this service.

“It’s an untapped market that I’d like to take advantage of. We have already built a connection with the USGA for their golf tournaments, and have relationships with some of the universities (with adaptive sports programs), so I’d like to explore that a little bit more with wheelchair basketball teams and tennis teams.” 






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