Industry-Wide Tech Layoffs Impacting WordPress Professionals

Most of us WordPress professionals and some others in the tech industry managed to escape the 2022 tech layoffs, which mostly affected venture capital-funded startups and larger companies that had over-hired during the economic upswing that came with the pandemic precautions being lifted in many places around the world. Mass layoffs were a big hit to companies like Meta, Peleton, Stripe, Carvana, and more (both big and small) during the last half of 2022.

Tech layoffs are still continuing relentlessly in 2023, with major players in the tech world like PayPal, Spotify, Google, Microsoft, Coinbase, Salesforce, and Amazon cutting tens of thousands of workers in January alone. This particular round of layoffs seems to be more brutal than the last, as it hits more close to home for many WordPress professionals.

“Despite increasingly challenging macroeconomic conditions, we made progress on our 2022 strategic initiatives and continued our efforts to manage costs effectively. The discipline we embraced was important but, unfortunately, it was not sufficient to avoid the impacts of slower growth in a prolonged, uncertain macroeconomic environment.”

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani

A former GoDaddy employee, who was impacted by the layoffs and wishes to remain anonymous, said that “employees and their managers were blindsided.” They were offered approximately three months of severance pay plus two weeks severance per year of tenure.

“The severance package was average at best – a few months of runway in exchange for releasing GoDaddy from all liability. It’s the minimum requirement to get people to sign legal releases. Items such as stock that wasn’t fully vested must be forfeited.” 

the source said

The source also reported that the employees who were laid off were cherry-picked from different teams. Despite GoDaddy’s heavy investments into WordPress and recent acquisitions of brands such as Skyverge and Pagely, the company elected to downsize many who were active in its WordPress efforts.

“I’m seeing lots of WordPress-related product/marketing folks getting cut.” 

the source said

“This has been a tough few weeks, particularly for those leaving who now face an uncertain future. It’s also been tough for the rest of company, this is not [a] situation we wanted to be in and even with the wider economic headwinds the industry is facing, there are also important lessons for us to learn.”

Human Made CEO and co-founder Tom Willmot said

As part of its commitment to transparency, Human Made has also published the details of its redundancy support package, which includes a minimum notice period of four weeks plus one week for each year past two, and two weeks pay on top of the notice, among other benefits.







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