WP Community Collective Names Alex Stine as First Accessibility Fellow

WordPress Accessibility contributor Alex Stine – photo credit: The WP Community Collective

“We’ve set up a few different ways folks can support the WPCC. We’re just launching our fundraising campaign for the Accessibility Fellowship now. So far, most of our contributors have opted to support us as members, with a recurring membership pledge. Monthly membership funds go to our general fund, which will primarily be used to support our fellowships and projects. As of today, we’ve raised slightly more than $4k, with $3,600 of that reserved for the Accessibility Fellowship.”

co-founder Sé Reed said

The organization is currently in the process of finalizing more sponsorships from a few large companies and is building out a corporate sponsorship program and a small business sponsorship program for the future.

“We can’t discuss anything yet as we’re still working out the details, but there is a lot happening that w,e hope to announce soon.”

Reed said

Once the Accessibility fellowship is fully funded, Stine will continue his work with WordPress’ Accessibility Team and will serve as the Team Rep, while still continuing his private work as a consultant and an engineer at Waystar.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to give back to the project that provided me with my start in the technology field. I could not continue to give back at my current capacity without this generous program. I will help ensure WordPress becomes more accessible, and I will fight to have the community as a whole adopt new principles that will ensure accessibility is the first thought, never the last.”

Stine said






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