New Video Explores Site Building Progress from WordPress 5.9 to 6.2

If you are using the Gutenberg plugin, instead of upgrading to the latest release, and have been tracking the relentless progress of the Site Editor, you will notice how limited the design options are in 5.9 and how much more consistent and expansive they have become today. In 5.9 users could only add a Front page template, and the site building interface is disjointed and less polished.

McCarthy demonstrates how WordPress 6.2 will introduce smoother interactions with the all new browse mode. It will also greatly expand the template options available for users to add and includes a new colorized list view to check out.

The Navigation block has had a long and rocky journey but seems to have been reborn in 6.2. McCarthy showed how much more intuitive it has become with the new experience of editing navigation in the sidebar, and repositioning via drag and drop with live previews.

Everything coming in 6.2 is converging towards better usability and more design options for site editors. The challenge here though, is to continue introducing new features without the interface becoming cluttered and chaotic to use. Many of these features are still going through the process of being ironed out. For example, McCarthy mentioned that the Edit button is still a work in progress and may soon be relocated to be in a more prominent spot in the Site Editor.

The video above gives a quick visual summary of what is being done to wrap up the full-site editing phase of the Gutenberg project before contributors move on to the next stage known as Collaboration. It is worth a watch to see the site building progress that contributors have made to this project in just one year.







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