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The variety of adaptive activities available for people with disabilities is impressive, these examples are from the United States but I’ve been able to find information from Ontario, Canada, where I’m from, and have applied that here in this article, but I’m sure they apply all over the world. While you may have to do an activity differently, adaptive activities can be just as enjoyable, and you may discover some new activities as you explore what’s available in your area. Here is an overview of the fantastic array of adaptive activities now available for people physical disabilities.

Adaptive Fishing

Adaptive Flying

Adaptive Gardening

Adaptive Hunting

Adaptive Painting

Adaptive Boating


Adaptive SCUBA



Video Games


Many people enjoy billiards/pool post-injury because of how accessible pool tables are in most communities. It is also a sport that can be enjoyed with able-bodied people quite easily. For people with quadriplegia, there are adaptations available to help hold the pool cue.

Wheelchair Dance

“Everybody Dance Now!

Study day on integration of people with disabilities in dance and movement, At Ganei Aviv Community Center, Lod. AXIS Dance Company Changes the Face of Dance and Disability. Pioneering a new dimension of dance – a revolutionary collaboration between dancers with and without disabilities. The U.S. Embassy in Israel initiated a program on the integration of people with disabilities in dance, featuring the celebrated American AXIS Dance Company. The Company integrates professional dancers with and without disabilities, creates beautiful art, and works with communities to promote integration and break stereotypes about disabilities. In Israel AXIS gave workshops, master classes, and lecture demonstrations throughout the country to mixed audiences of adults, youth, and educators from all abilities, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. The program was warmly embraced by local communities and attracted considerable press interest.

Indoor Skydiving

Wheelchair Bowling

A sport that can be adapted to nearly any ability is wheelchair bowling. It is also a great activity  you can do with an able-bodied partner. For those with limited arm movement, a ramp is used to push the ball down and into the lane. For those with no arm movement, they can use the IKAN bowler which is controlled with the mouth. It also uses a ramp, which the ball rolls down to enter the lane. For those with normal arm and hand movement, no bowling adaptations are needed except an accessible place to bowl.






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