Hacks to Make Your Home More Accessible

Hack 1: Install Pull-Out Cutting Boards Below Oven and Microwave

man in wheelchair in kichen using an accessible height ovenwith pull out cutting board underneath

Whether you have limited heat sensation or not, pulling a piping hot dish out of the oven or microwave can be a recipe for unwanted burns or other kitchen nightmares. Eric Thorstenson opted for an easy way to minimize those risks: adding swing-away cutting boards under his side-opening oven and microwave. “If I lean over and grab something hot, I can put it on the cutting board instead of my lap,” he says, adding that the cutting boards make checking and serving hot food much easier.

Hack 2: Bring Clothes Down to Your Level

Hack 3: Use Garage Tracks to Make Rolling Shelves

space under stairwell with mounted foll oout shelving

Michael DiBiasio, a T9-L1 para from Rhode Island, maximized the awkward dead space under a stairwell by mounting the lowest of three shelves on rolling garage door tracks. “The rollers allow me to push the shelf to the back of the closet if I want to access the little-used items I store there, like holiday décor and luggage,” he says. The easy hack maximizes space and efficiency.

Hack 4: Get Into Any Kind of Vehicle

man in vehicle showing a DIY ceiling lift

Hack 5: Switch to a Expandable Fabric Garden Hose 

Hack 6: Embrace Your Style

Hack 7: Go Wild with a Wet Room

tiled bathroom with roll-in shower and toilet with handheld shower head next to it.

Instead of using water-resistant tiles and materials only where you bathe and wash, why not make your whole bathroom water-friendly? Eric Thorstenson used mosaic tile on all his walls and floor and installed a hand-held showerhead — one of three in the room — right next to his toilet. “Having easy access to the showerhead has been very useful on the occasions where I’ve had a bladder or bowel accident,” he says.

Hack 8: Declutter Your Sports Gear With Pulley Lifts

Hack 9: Put Casters on Your Kitchen Table

man in powerchair displaying his hack of casters on table legs

So you found the dream dining room or breakfast table, but it’s too low or doesn’t fit your room? Adding some heavy-duty locking casters could be an easy solution to the problem. Todd Stabelfeldt and his wife, Karen, added casters to their beautiful bespoke hardwood table to transform it into an iconic-yet-mobile centerpiece. “It makes it easy to entertain, even if we have a bunch of power chair users over,” says Stabelfeldt, a C4 quad.






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