WebP by Default Merged into Core for WordPress 6.1 update

Despite a bunch of revisions, and filters to control or disable WebP uploads, the proposal still remained controversial. Contributors continue to report issues after testing it. Many still have questions about whether this should be opt-in or on by default in the final release.

Some developers are supportive of the change but prefer for it to be off by default when it is first rolled out, to allow the ecosystem to prepare for the change before it becomes the default.

“Therefore, I’m questioning why this functionality should be activated by default at this stage. IMHO, it should be opt-in only. Plus ideally, we would already start to think about adding further image formats to be supported by this feature.”

“There have been many requests for this to be opt-in (as well as some asking for a setting on the Media page, rather than only a filter for developers). So far there hasn’t been any open conversation about why that’s not being taken into consideration.”

The idea that WebP by default should be opt-in was summarily dismissed and the conversation was not revisited again before the changes were committed to the core.







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