Contributing to Open Source Is ‘Better Than Any College Degree’

I’ll admit I have no formal education at the college level to truly say that contributing to open source is better than any collage degree as the title of this article states, but I still believe in that statement personally. Having said that though, if you can afford it and have the grades to be accepted, a College degree is still a good choice for a start. But the real truth is that coding is an ever changing world and is a place where you will always be learning which is why I stand by my statement.

The reason for this is all the real world trial and error that happens with open source as you contribute to it and others critique your code showing you the way that it should be written. Also, there’s other ways that you can learn code other than from a college degree. You can always take a bootcamp or use an online school like I did for my education choice. This allows you to keep going back as technology and languages evolve.

Online learning

I can recommend two places that you can go online to learn how to code that are free to use. As a bonus, one of them will even give you certificates to show what you have learned.


Free Code Camp






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