A New Way to Think About Blogging

This was a very interesting read. He explains a new approach to blogging were instead of writing for the masses you write for a small group. While explaining this, he coined the phrase “small b blogging”. This small group you have reached with your posts will then will share your post. And, it’s also going to be something that you can reference over and over again.

He then goes on to talk about big b blogging. In this style of blogging your goal is to write to the masses. This style is designed for scale, sharing, gloss and finish and something that everyone will read. The problem with this style is that you lose your personality. You’re writing to everyone yet no-one at the same time.

Having read his article and now written this one about it I would like to add my name in the ring as to the people challenging the masses to change their ways. I want to see everyone write in the small b blogging way vs. the big b blogging way.






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